Once upon a time…

We tell you the story of Lileo.

Once upon a time… No, in fact, motherhood isn’t a fairy tale.

The story of Lileo begins in July 2020. It was then that Jerome discovered the difficulties that mothers can encounter when using a breast pump. First, he observed his wife struggling with the process, and then he extended his inquiry by interviewing 80 other mothers. This collective experience revealed numerous challenges and discomforts associated with existing breast pumps.

Thus, the idea of creating a new breast pump was born. However, an idea alone does not make a product. Consequently, the product was created with the invaluable help of engineers. To meet the needs of mums as closely as possible, more than 100 tests were carried out.

During these tests, the shape of the cup, assembly, disassembly, cleaning, the overall design of the breast pump, the buttons, the screen, efficiency, and everything else that makes a good breast pump were thoroughly examined. As a result of this meticulous process, today’s Lileo was born. It is a breast pump as effective as a hospital-grade pump, yet in a portable form. This innovative design was specifically created to make life easier for breastfeeding mums and provide them with greater peace of mind.

Furthermore, the portable nature of Lileo ensures that mothers can maintain their routine and comfort regardless of their location. Indeed, Lileo’s mission has always been to blend convenience with high performance, ensuring that no mother has to compromise on her pumping needs.

Moreover, we continuously gather feedback from users to refine and improve our product. By doing so, we ensure that our breast pump evolves to meet the ever-changing needs of mothers.

Ultimately, we hope the breast pump we’ve created brings you a little closer to the fairy tale. By integrating your feedback and continually refining our design, we strive to make each day easier and more comfortable for breastfeeding mothers everywhere. Join us in writing the next chapter of Lileo’s story, where innovation meets heartfelt care. Together, we can create a future where every mother feels supported and confident in her breastfeeding journey.